Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's message to the Exo-Circus

When there is nothing to say, we find works like "Balance". It's fine that way, but we should do also the balance of the past year 2010.
As usual, in the Exo-mythology, the balance is that NOTHING HAPPENED.
Dramatic promises, ultimatums to the Government, Big Cosmic Shows, forced disclosure, end of the also imaginary Entity called the Cabal: NOTHING is the balance.
The Councilors were WRONG.
The whistle-blowers were WRONG.
The prophets were wrong again and again.
Imaginary cosmic laws, the fight between Good and Evil, Light and Darkness...words, nothing but words.
But...the show must go on...let's clean what is behind and talk about the future...let us invent new predictions that as usual will be WRONG. Let's announce events that will never take place.
People after all are always ready...for the long Waiting.
Oh yes...this is the year, ex doctor Richard Boylan ?
How nice, this time perhaps...well, you always can do some workshops telling the kids that they are star.seeds and showing human individuals as incarnated, disguised extraterrestrials.
Don't worry, because in 12 months of "Nothing Happens", it's always possible to say that 2012 is in fact the Year of Balance.

Happy New Year, Councilor of Earth and servants of the Source.

Is the wish of the Cabal, as nonexistent as the Star Nations.