Saturday, January 22, 2011

Star Nations to Humanity

These are some principles that guide our action and should be included in your own perception of us.

1. Nobody represents us. We represent ourselves, if needed. Human individuals or Associations are not in any way authorized to speak in our name. We have no human representatives.

2. Nobody is authorized to make money with ideas and/or teachings presumably related to us or attributed to our culture.

3. We respect the legitimate governments of your planet. All of them.

4. We will never promote any kind of massive contact or display of technology that could harm Earth's peace and social order. Intervention in human affaires is not our purpose at all.

5. Nobody in our name, is authorized to promote violence, hate, or fear against any group or individual.

6. Our contact with some humans is private, personal and peaceful. We will never have an open, official contact with Earth's Authorities.

7. Open, diplomatic contact with your Authorities is not and never will be our policy. Historical experience teaches us that this open contact have negative and destructive consequences.

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Star Nations