Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hate and Fear in the Councilor of Earth sect.

There is hate in your group, people, why?. Because the self proclaimed councilor of Earth is full of hate.
You all waste your time judging the Pope, talking against the whole world, the Cabal, protecting yourselves from nothing...yes, hate and fear.
It's easy to understand, because as usual, the Star Nations are not giving the promised show. How could they, if they don't exist at all?
Talk, words, self-delusion but NEVER a real FACT.
Ask yourselves: is this what we are looking for?
Is all this true or just fiction?
Is someone making fun of me, thinking that I am an ignorant, an idiot?
Well, perhaps you will talk and talk and talk, but remember, words are not FACTS.
Where are the nice Big Cosmic Brothers?
In the head of the self proclaimed.
You see, in a couple of weeks, there will be new promises, perhaps a special workshop with "aliens" disguised as humans.
You can believe it, if you want, but do not send money. Do not follow the big Guru, and Please, remember the "Heavens Gate Cult" Do some google about it.

Thanks and be happy and well.
A Friend of TRUTH.