Monday, January 10, 2011

The Cabal is Boylan's Karmic Cleaner.

Everyone should have his/her own Cabal, and put an end to all his karmic debts.
Believe me, Richard Boylan, Cabal is the perfect Karma Cleaner, and let me tell you how to do it.
Imagine that you are a doctor and you abused some of your female patients. The consequence of this abuse was the revocation of your license to practice. Now, if you do the right thing, you will keep your image clean, doctor and your moral intact.
Just tell the world that you did nothing wrong, but the Cabal invented the whole thing.
What about the testimonies of your patients? Don’t worry. Just point these girls as cabals.
The Judge, the witnesses, the State of California and the whole world conspire against your immaculate life, your absolute decency… All these accusations are just Cabal’s revenge because you are in contact with the Source and the Star Nations and the Light, Dear ex-doctor.
Listen carefully Councilor of Earth. Don’t live home without the Cabal. If someone asks too much questions, make her/him a cabal.
If things are not going well, and the Star Nations remain invisible, the Cabal is guilty, and if some members of your group express certain doubts about the Incarnated Mantis…they are Cabals, of course.
You ALWAYS do the right thing, councilor. Thanks for giving us the Truth. You are Immaculate, Omniscient and Omnipotent.
In the final battle between the Light (you,) and the Shadows, (Cabal,) of course you will prevail.
In the meantime, just make the Cabal responsible for any evil, any wrong doing and any failure.
Without effort, even if the Star Nations remain in your imagination, people will have Faith in you, ex doctor.
If someone dares to express doubts, find her/him guilty of cabalism and this will be enough.
Your followers will agree with your judgment, because they recognize your infallibility.
You, councilor for/of Earth, you…are the LIGHT yourself..!