Monday, January 3, 2011

2011: What UFO illusionists have for us.

As we all know, UFO fantasists have only one thing in common. They are always wrong.
Now, after 12 months of Nothing Happens, the UFO gurus will give us new non-information about future events.

* The exo-fantasists need to keep believers-clients interested.
Many of these are totally demoralized and tired of waiting for the big cosmic display that never happens. Same about the promised disclosure.
Our wise men have a complete knowledge of Galactic Civilizations, Contacts between Governments and Aliens, immediate disclosure, Laws that rule the Universe and many more things.
They will appeal again this year to their secret sources, anonymous insiders, selected whitleblowers, extraterrestrial contacts, psychics, dolphins and many other reliable sources to convince the believers-clients that things are happening now, or perhaps tomorrow.

* The leaders of the UFO=ET hypothesis must keep the perception of urgency. Books, CDs, Galactic Diplomacy curses and similar elements are bought only for those who believe that the Big Brothers from the stars are coming now..!

* Since previous predictions were always a complete failure, the illusionists will do what's necessary to convince their followers that those failures are justified. Not easy task, but they will find responsibilities for that failures: The Cabal, the Secret Government, the Illuminati, the NWO, (you name it.)
Also, Alien sources will tell these contactees that the Galactic Command found that the big show was premature and inconvenient. (Have faith. Wait a few days more.)

* Some action is needed of course, so the Exopoliticians and Ufofantasists will fight between them as they always do.

* Of course, for these professional illusionists any balloon will become a star craft, any Chinese lantern a mother ship and every meteorite a fastwalker.

* The UFO phenomenon? It is with us from the beginning of times and probably will remain with us forever, unsolved. Never mind, because Humanity has many more important problems to solve.

Happy New Year