Sunday, January 16, 2011

Alfred Webre's Anti-American Rhetoric. A Curious blend.

I think that the so called Exopolitics is like a...rubber ball. You can do it "endo," if you need to.
See what Alfred Webre writes.(below.) From the "evidences" of what the Galactic ET commando wants to do to us, humans, Webre jumps to the "anti-imperialism" and ferocious anti-americanism.
Something seems to be wrong here, or simply we are not intelligent enough...perhaps the Galactic ET Command is also anti-american, who knows?
Now, let me tell you this...of course we do not worry about all this Webre's cosmic nonsense, because we do not believe that there is any Galactic ET commando, (Big Bro. imposing us a quarantine.)
However, if someone believes the Exopolitician-Endopolitician rants, the combination of pro-alien, anti-American ideology must look dangerous.
Looks like Webre could be a future Marshall Petain...or a future Galactic Raul Castro, or a Pleiadean Chavez.
Some kind of agenda here?...who knows, but the anti-human, anti-American rhetoric of this Exo-endopolitician and Boylan, self proclaimed councilor of Earth, have something in common, am I right?
And remember that probably the secret anonymous source's name is Tequila.

Fraternally Tomas Scolarici

Included below Webre's rant and link to Exopolitica Mexico.

Declaration by Latin American Civil Society

The United States: a growing aggression against Latin America

There is a new political equilibrium in Latin America that is annoying and worrying the White House. There is even mention of a new “axis of evil”, made up of Cuba, Venezuela, Ecuador and Bolivia. To attack the governments of these countries, The United States is resorting to political, ethnic and religious propaganda, as well as economic pressure, through veiled announcements in the media, which appear to be news items, reports, articles and even opinion columns and editorials.

For this they have at their disposal millions of dollars and the weapons of psychological warfare developed by experts at the CIA, the Pentagon and the Department of State. They pay journalists, buy media or large spaces in newspapers, magazines, radio stations and television channels and they use the cyberspace and the new technologies technically, scientifically and profusely.

On the “black list” that keeps Washington awake at night are the presidents of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez; of Bolivia, Evo Morales and of Ecuador, Rafael Correa; the president of Argentina, Cristina Fernandez; the president of Uruguay, Tabare Vasquez; the president of Brazil, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and undoubtedly the president elect Dilma Roussef. Of course, Cuba is at the top of the list with Fidel Castro as the leader of the Revolution and Raul Castro as president.

In the face of this new reality, the United States has not sat with its arms crossed.  The experts at the CIA and other intelligence agencies, the Pentagon and the Department of State have planned and carried out a series of public and clandestine actions aimed at neutralizing the governments it considers dangerous and enemies of US interests.

Washington is trying to neutralize the integrationist plans and the economic, trade and political agreements between the nations and governments of Latin America. To this effect, it has ordered its principal military, civil and undercover agencies, such as the CIA, the DIA (the Pentagon’s intelligence agency) the National Security Agency, the USAID and the NED to design an enormous destabilization program to provoke the downfall of the governments with nationalist, Latin Americanist visions, a social focus and  a general leftist tendency.

These plans include projects for coups, financing the opposition, and intensifying economic and political domination, undercover activities, media activities and others, without excluding any of the military and political assassination options, like what has occurred repeatedly with Fidel Castro and later with Hugo Chavez and even Evo Morales.

The CIA and other US agencies have professional experts in black propaganda and psychological warfare. They devote every effort to prejudice Latin American and international public opinion against Bolivia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Argentina and Brazil. The US media systematically lie, deceive, and distort economic, social, political and cultural realities and facts to discredit the Latin American nations.

The White House and the Department of State, through the CIA, the National Security Agency, the Agency for International Development (USAID), the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), the cooperation agencies and even some non-governmental organizations (NGO) and religious organizations, distribute millions of dollars among the political opposition of the independent governments, to cause problems, coup attempts and destabilization programs, like that which happened in Venezuela, Bolivia and recently in Ecuador; coups like in Honduras; or  corruption scandals like the one that was unleashed in connection with Lula's Workers Party of Brazil.

In a documented article published on the portal of the North American Congress on Latin America (NACLA)1, Dawn Paley points out that a new series of projects for the promotion of democracy with US financing could represent a fundamental reinforcement for the political project of the people behind the coup against President Manuel Zelaya in Honduras. The USAID has had presence in that country since the sixties and its multimillion economic spillover has favored the entrepreneurs and pro-American groups. 

In Bolivia, an investigation2 by Jeremy Bigwood and Eva Golinger, revealed that since 2002 the USAID has destined almost 100 million dollars to promoting “decentralization” and “regional autonomy” projects – linked to the secessionist  groups,  principally in the departments of Santa Cruz, Beni, Pando and Tarija—and the political parties that concur with Washington’s interests. In addition, it has invested some 85 million dollars a year for programs related to security, democracy, economic growth and human development, whose beneficiaries are likewise sectors linked with an Office of Transition Initiatives OTI), that promotes policies alternative to or opposing the government of Evo Morales.  

In Venezuela, between 2007 and 2009, the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor of the US Department of State, channeled at least 700 thousand dollars for grants and training courses for journalists3 who oppose the government of Hugo Chavez. The funds were managed by the Pan American Development Foundation (PADF), an organization created as a screen by the US government.

Likewise, the attempted coup in Ecuador, at the beginning of October 2010, was linked to cooperation schemes between the United States and the Ecuadorian military and police structures, supported by pro-Washington political sectors, who acted independently of the government of president Rafael Correa. Because the people involved were not only police but also members of the air force and opposition public figures, such as the mayor of Guayaquil, Jaime Nebot, commented political analyst Atilio Borón, in an interview with the El Telégrafo newspaper of Guayaquil4.

Another US organization that should be investigated is one called the Office of Transition Initiatives, undoubtedly run by the CIA and the mafia of the Cuban American Foundation, with its headquarters in Miami.  It has a multi million dollar budget and acts in many countries in Latin America.

To destabilize, discredit, divide, strangle economically and manipulate politically through deceit and lies, that is the permanent strategy of the United States in the region, likewise aimed at stopping the integration processes, such as the Mercosur and the ALBA or the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States.

As part of its divisive strategy, Washington has developed an economic rapprochement with Uruguay, speeded up the free trade agreements in Central America and divided the Andean zone by signing an FTA with Peru and Colombia.

Washington is exacerbating the tensions in Latin America. The war waged in the media is directed at recovering lost ground in the region. This same scheme, in which the strategies for manipulating electoral processes and creating social instability play an important role, includes reactivating the Fourth Fleet and increasing the number of US military bases, which, in addition, form part of NATO’s globalization project.

To this we should add the dispatch of seven thousand US Marines to Costa Rica, a country that has no armed forces and has been involved in a territorial dispute with Nicaragua. US military presence in Costa Rican territory uses drug trafficking as a pretext; and the specialists are keeping a close watch on the future application of the Plan Central America, similar to the Plan Colombia or the Merida Initiative that is being carried out in Mexico5.

For this reason, the White House is resorting to Cold War tactics and strategies. It disqualifies and discredits the Latin American nations, imposes conditions on the governments, creates new paradigms, such as the war against drug trafficking and international organized crime, while it penalizes migration, builds a gigantic wall along the border with Mexico and sows misery in Latin America in the name of freedom.

Latin American Circle of International Studies (LACIS)  – Mexico

Adolfo Pérez Esquivel, Nobel Peace Laureate – Argentina

Permanent Assembly for Human Rights – Argentina

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2 Golinger, Eva, “USAID’s Silent Invasion in Bolivia”, 20 May 2009 <> 10 Nov. 2010

3 Bigwood, Jeremy, “Buying Venezuela’s Press With U.S. Tax Dollars”, 15 Jul. 2010 <> 10 Nov. 2010

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