Friday, January 21, 2011

About the impossible disclosure.

Why it's not possible to even think in a formal USA disclosure of the "ET government " contacts?
For several reasons. First of all, because those contacts do not exist at all, but there is more.
Let's imagine this disclosure. Obama telling the "truth" about extraterrestrial visitors. If this happens, the whole system collapses. The NASA program becomes a bad joke.
Oil prices become meaningless. Probably the market collapses and same thing happens with everything else.
After the disclosure, a total political and economical crisis engulfs the administration.
I am talking here about the institutional crisis, but fear, hate and sectarian violence are inevitable after the disclosure.
Now, who can remain in control of the situation? Only totalitarian governments. Repression of the information and official denial.
Perhaps Iran, North Korea and even China can remain in control of the situation, but not USA or Europe or the Middle East regimes.
Think about this. The scenario is excellent for a science fiction film but has nothing to do with reality.
There will be no disclosure because there is nothing to disclose. Things will go on, as usual, day after day, crisis after crisis, war after war in this virtual, post industrial world.
I see the whole UFO=ET theory as a galaxy of Memes, some very strong.
We should follow the development of these Memes with interest, imagination and logic.
We have text, words, signifiers, a UFO semiotic, but not real, accessible objects. We have TEXTS, references but not the "thing itself".