Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ufosophy Epitaph.

After NASA first complete map of Mars, it was obvious that the ball was in the field of Ufosophists.
Now, let us see what is going on with these UFO fantasists: Salla is retreating more and more. He doesn't control his prepare4contact group or post in it.
Someone wrote to me that "he was looking for a new opportunity". On the "Councilor of Earth " sect, each lie must be covered by a new, bigger one.
Except Boylan, Fran and Wendi, the rest of the world is Cabal.

The Nothing Happens Syndrome is taking care of Ufosophy.
What remains is a small group of fantasists, and they did their job: to keep serious, scientific minds out of any serious ufological research.
Now, the last article written by Alfred Webre in the Examiner, about "industrial activities in Mars" deserves reading and re-reading, because in some way is an epitaph.

We can think : after this what? and the answer is nothing. After this, nothing. What we have is what Alfred's references show. The obvious blend of nonsense, new age, superstition and totally unsubstantiated statements.
Yes...of course, these people are right and NASA is wrong.
The whole scientific establishment is conspiring. Bassiago is right, after all he was there in Mars, teleported. He was also in Washington the day of Lincoln's assassination. He is a Time-traveler.
What will remain of all this? Barbara Marciniak perhaps, making a lot of money selling the messages of the Pleiadeans...Boylan, the self proclaimed Councilor of Earth, writing nonsense for a small bunch of people with no brains. Salla promoting Croatian healers and Bolivian initiates talking about secret cities under the Titicaca lake.
The Big Lie, the "opium for the people".
The Ufosophists will try to keep people interested, people waiting for gods, angels and aliens' help.
They will wait days, weeks, months, years while NOTHING HAPPENS.
Perhaps if it's not too late, they will understand that only Humans can save Humans, if they wake up, if they react, if they SEE THE OBVIOUS.

Tomas Scolarici