Friday, July 16, 2010

Ufology: a promising market?

Dear friends and foes.

The World Economy is not working, and many will look for new ways to make a couple of bucks extra.
That's why UFO market is growing , but also becoming a competitive environment.
New Armchair ufologists will do some marketing research in their Computers and will try to find what sells fast and what doesn't.
This will have consequences:
Marketing will show what the consumers expect and what they don't.
So, those who want to remain productive, will need to review their rhetoric and perhaps change them.
Also, is possible that some big money will go into the UFO market and make some new things.
After all, Market is Everything in Capitalism.
Why not some software for the detection of UFOs? Someone will invent it, perhaps, even if there are no UFOs to detect.
If it is nece$$$ary, they will invent the UFO's


James Black