Thursday, July 1, 2010


Dear friends of Rational Ufology.

We must always keep this in mind: For us, the definition of Ufology includes not only the UFO phenomenon, but the impact of this phenomenon in our human culture.
We know that other than some sightings and detections of the Unidentified Elements (not necessary "objects"), the rest is absolutely hypothetic in the best option, and "snake oil" profiteering for worst.

Of course, since very little is known of the UFO phenomenon, is perfectly logic to suggest hypothesis. Nothing wrong IF we clarify that our ideas are hypothetical.
Those who tell us that they know the "whole truth and nothing but the truth" MUST give evidences of what they say OR recognize the hypothetical nature of their rhetoric.

However, if the "snake oil" sellers' purpose is to invent a new UFO Religion based in Faith, they should be clear about this. They have the right to create new religions.
We, Rational Ufogists have also the right to ask questions, particularly if the " UFO Reverends" try to manipulate science, history and politics to serve their own agenda.

Tomas Scolarici