Monday, July 26, 2010

Goodbye Reality, Welcome Ufosophy.

Monday, July 26,
Dear Brain-Users

Benjamin Franklin said once that three men could keep a secret only if two of them were dead.It's easier to believe in Santa, that to believe USA gov. is in contact with Extraterrestrial Civilizations.
Any rational woman or man, can see the obvious.
To keep a secret such as intelligent life in Mars, or Alien friendly contact with the authorities is impossible.
If this is true, the giant Conspiracy involves not only government agencies and the military, but the whole world scientific establishment.
In this era of massive information, such thing is absurd.Besides, the conspiracy nuts have no answers for a few question, and one of these is: If the powers that be are in possession of advanced technology as a space fleet and gadgets like a Time Machine, are they loosing the Middle East War?
If we want to believe in such super-conspiracy, we need to have Faith in the UFO pundits.
Only blind faith can work, but if this is so, then Ufology becomes a religion.
Many UFO fans believe now that aliens and angels are the same entities, but this is contradictory and someone should clarify this identification.
The EXO pundits remain silent and totally isolated. There is no open contact between them, even if their ideologies are contradictory.
How is this possible? It is difficult to understand.
However, closed systems end in disorder sooner or later.
Although there is no other possible system for the UFO fantasists, because UFO are not objective realities. On the contrary, even the definition of UFO as UNIDENTIFIED flying OBJECT, denies the possibility of objectivity and coincidence.
Each Ufologist is talking and writing for a few followers that do not ask for evidences of any kind.
They write and talk about Galactic Laws and "known" aliens.
But never ask them how do they know what they say they know. If you do such thing, you are a disinformer, a psyop, a provocateur, a debunker, a member of the evil Cabal.
You are never someone who wants to know more.
But this is dogma, not knowledge, this is Religion, not Science.What we have here is a new sectarian dogmatic religion whose precept is this: Do not ask, do not doubt and wait for the Revelation.
Aliens then are angels in contact with the new god called Source.
The cosmic gurus know by Revelation.
Credo quia Absurdum Est ( I believe it , because it is absurd ...) as Tertullian presumably said.
This is the Law imposed by the Cosmic Gurus to their true believers. Anything else is heretic in mythological ufology.
Better, let us use a neologism like Ufosophy, right?