Sunday, July 18, 2010

UFO, LIES and $$$.

The Ufo-fantasists and neo-cultists do NOT rule the Market, on the contrary the Markets rules them.
IF they find that SOMETHING they write SELLS WELL, they will insist in that line of thought.
This market includes books, DVDs, Galactic Diplomacy Diplomas name it.
Capitalist rule is this: If it sells is good and true.
If you believe I am wrong, forget about all this, but if you think that I am right, there are things you can do.
First of all, do not buy in the Internet.
Instead go to a good book-seller and SEE what is in a book before buying it.
Same can be said about DVDs and "snake oils".
Do some research about names and professions. You will find that many self-proclaimed "professors" and "gurus" show faked backgrounds.
Link below gives some ideas about this:

Always, always ask questions, questions like:

How do you know?
Who told you so?
How reliable are your sources?
Is the whole scientific establishment compromised in a giant Cover-Up? If the answer is yes, why and how the secret is kept?

Of course there are many more questions, and probably you can find some more effective than these.
But please, remember this: Do not buy the "snake-oil" sold by UFO Pundits and self-proclaimed "Wise Men".

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James Black AKA Tomas Scolarici