Sunday, July 11, 2010

Ufologists and the "Nothing Happens Syndrome"

The big enemy of the mystic Ufologists, Exopoliticians and UFO New Agers is not the cabal or the Shadow Government but TIME.
As time goes on, day after day, week after week, the promises of Disclosure, ET arrival or Spiritual Change remain unfulfilled. This is natural for Rational Ufologists, of course.
Because of this Nothing Happens Syndrome, I think that mystic ufologists will need to change their rhetoric.
The EXO discourse is founded in variations of the fallacy called Post hoc ergo propter hoc. Basically this fallacy forces unrelated events to look like cause and effect.
Kind of "Obama meeting with the President of X country, indicates that Disclosure is near. "
"Oil Spilling will force the ETs to do something", etc.
This rhetoric is weak. The Big Contact doesn't happen, and of course there is no Disclosure and never will be such thing. (There is nothing to disclose)
Consequently, the UFO Gurus will need to change their strategy, if they want to keep their followers interested.
What will be the new rhetoric? Probably Religion. The ETs will not contact us openly. They will guide us spiritually to a New Golden Era and AFTER our spiritual transformation they will come and show themselves.
This gives the UFO gurus more time. After all, the Christians are waiting the Second Coming of Jesus from the beginnings of Christianity.
We can say that Barbara Marciniak saw this from the beginning and made big $ with her Pleiadean New Age Books.
Remember please, that the strategy grounded on a battle between the "cabal" and the good ETs will show in the end that the cabal is winning the war.
Talking about aliens is OK, but people needs something more than talk, and we know that there will not be something more.
To make it short, the Cosmic Gurus will disappear from the market, OR they will need to forget their pseudo-science and go into Religion, because Religion is the only human invention that can justify the Nothing Happens Syndrome. Religion is a Perpetual Promise.


James Black AKA Tomas Scolarici