Sunday, August 8, 2010

Ufosophy: the perfect "blend"

In the following message we have the perfect Ufosophical ideology, expressed by a follower of the new Religion. Please read it. Following the message my comment.

Bless you Maya for the love I feel emanating from your spirit. And thank you for your affirmation of my words to Gina. I am so happy to be among you, ..... all of you! Someday, I will tell the story of my contacts, but not today. The circumstances of my life, surrounding the time frame of the contacts, are still very painful to me and I've not the strength to tell it at this time. Know this, ..... Star Visitor intervention saved my life, but at that time I thought I was hallucinating. Now I know I wasn't, ..... the contacts were real.
May God in His Divine Wisdom, bless, protect and nurture each and every one of you.
And Star Visitors, ..... I humbly thank you and pray I may yet prove worthy of the love you showed me.
Anne Red rose

Now, if the Ufosophists make the point, it is possible to convince the followers that the ETs are "invisible" like the angels or the gods. The metaphysical soup includes all the necessary ingredients: Submission, Blessings to the "Divine Wisdom" and Star Visitors that are more or less...the same thing that the god invoked.
With appropriate rhetoric, they will even convince some people that each one has his/her Guardian Star Visitor.
After this, the "contact" will become "spiritual communion" and Faith will turn Evidence unnecessary.
(well...the lest thing we, Humans need is a new Religion. The old ones were enough genocidal.).