Sunday, September 27, 2009

What is Critical Ufology?

The UFO phenomenon is REAL.
Probably UFOs are the greatest challenge of all times for Humanity.
The UFO phenomenon is IMPORTANT.
That is why Ufology cannot remain in the hands of Disinformers, New Agers, Egomaniacs, Paranoids, Hoaxers, Con Men and Charlatans.
CRITICAL UFOLOGY is Rational Ufology.
Critical Ufologists demand EVIDENCES.
When someone in the Exopolitical, Exobiological Circus makes a statement, we ask for EVIDENCES.
This is of course more important when the Charlatans are also profiteers and try to sell the absurdities of their unreliable and unknown sources.
The Exofantasists are against Ufological Research.
We, Critical Ufologists, want serious recognition of the UFO Phenomenon and real scientific investigation of this UFO Phenomenon.


James Black