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Archangel Michael: The Paradise Doorway Opens For 9~9~9

Transmitted Through Elanthra

6 September.2009

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Greetings Beloveds:

This is your brother, Archangel Michael. Today I come to you to relay a
momentous message, that of The Opening of 'The Paradise Doorway.' The
Diamond Paradise Doorway has been opened. This will be 'Heaven's
Opening,' in conjunction with the 9-9-9 energies, and what great
celebration and Heavenly Magical Possibilities there will be throughout
the Universe!

The recent portals that have been opened have made way for the energies
of this Sacred Portal, Bridgeway or Pathway, which will further serve
to continue to contribute Cosmic Christ Consciousness energies out of
The Diamond Heart of God, and further establish and build The New
Earth. And know that 'The Spiral Doorway' provides The Winding Road -
The Road to Paradise. It is timeless... leading one upon the path. the
winding path. back to themselves at their highest level - The One of
All. It will serve to 'course' All of One on their unique Soul Quests,
as they continue on their journey from whence they came. Know that You
Are the Pioneers, who are experiencing in tandem your parallel lives.
And we suggest that it is time to 'Make Your Breakthroughs' as you swim
through your pools of glory and traverse the doorway and become one
with The River of Life - that which leads back to The Ultimate Garden -
The Garden of Eden.

And today I would like to take you on an Explorative Journey. Know that
The Paradise Doorway is likened to an electromagnetic oscillating and
'Spiraling, Kundalini Vortex Eye' that is shielded by The Diamond Heart
of God Symbol, and that is now raining down Crystalline Blessings -
Seeds of Tomorrow- that serve to fertilize The New Earth. And know that
You Are The Christed Ones, and that The New Earth has been made The
Christed Earth.

And The Keeper of 'The Eye of The Paradise Doorway' ventures forth, and
spills and pours forth The Sacred Roses - Sweet, Crystalline, Spiraling
Red Kundalini Roses that echo the Diamond Heart of God Consciousness.
For the time is nigh for the Springing Forth of Your Hearts, for The
Opening and Blossoming Forth of Your Golden Hearts, and for Expanded
Minds and Ascended Souls. And the petals of the rose do their Spiral
Flutter Dance and continue their journey down through Mother Earth,
until they come to sit and adorn and grace the waters upon The New
Earth. They can then be seen to transfigure into 'The Sacred Feather,
which clears all in it's path in 'Preparation. '

And the Golden Cascade Waterfall then bursts forth from The Golden
Mountain in all of it's splendidity - Sparkling - Glistening - Radiant
and Glorious! And it is likened to a Golden Incandescent Pitcher,
flowing, warm, soothing, healing waters. And when the water interacts
and enmeshes with the Kundalini Fire, it creates an effect not unlike a
Bubbling, Sparkling Cauldron. And the Stars, Angels, The Spirit of the
Tree, Sacred Falcon and the Owl's Wisdom reside here, amongst The
Elemental Guardians, who spurt and spew forth 'The Elixir of Life.'

As the light bounces, swims and navigates through to 'The New
Beginnings,' The Divine Archetypal Spirits of Ease and Grace ride
forth, balanced atop their horses, and gladly contribute their energies
- a gift to The New Earth. And here also The Golden Castle can be seen,
graced by The Ascension Council of 12.

The Kundalini energies now rise up from Mother Gaia, as she has
conceived, has been pregnant to overflowing, and is ready to give
birth. The kundalini energies provide fuel for 'The Firing-up,' and the
Light Codes have been emitted and The Great Awakening and Ascension
have commenced. It is now time for the Fired-up Cosmic Christ
Consciousness to bubble and burst forth, and let all who are ready
serve as 'The Holding Vessels and Decanters of Light.'

Nefertiti and an array of Egyptian Guardians are now overseeing us, and
stand on guard and send their energies, ancient and new, through in
'Preparation, ' not only for Egypt, but for The New Earth. And know
that the door of The Hall of Records will be opened in the near future.

And The Tapered Light Cord/Stream makes it's rounds throughout the
Galaxy and The New Earth, alighting the sky and permeating, infusing,
blessing, cleansing and restoring all in it's wake. And let the whole
Universe be sanctified in resplendent glee! Sanctimonious bells are
ringing - trumpets are blowing - enraptured angels' wings float
buoyantly, gracing the phosphorous clouds. And what days of Triumphant
Revelation and Celebration are upon us!

Know that many will be ascending now, both in your bodies, as well as
making your transitions out of your bodies. And Heaven on Earth - The
New Earth continues to be built, and you will all serve as 'The Master
Builders.' The New Earth continues to evolve, and the Cosmic Christ
Consciousness energies are being brought through The Etheric Light
Portals gradually as the Mass Ascension Consciousness beckons it and is
ready to embrace it. And you will find that your visions will become
even more vivid and plentiful, and many a message will continue to pass
through, as you are more receptive to them now.

And The Light Portals will be laden with even more magnificent vortex
portals, not unlike 'Tributaries In A River' - flowing and teeming with
The Diamond Heart of God energies, leading one back to The River of

And one need not hold onto the old energies or be in limbo anymore.
Re-lease the old energies, and know that these new energies have been
grounded and anchored, and all one needs to do is Let Go, Let Flow and
Let God.

We congratulate you on your efforts as a Unity Consciousness thus far.
Now more than ever, we ask you to Affirm Your Divinity, and in every
moment be mindful of the fact that You Are Light Vessels and Emissaries
of Light. We ask you to hold, anchor and beam your love and light
outwards. You are the Luminescent and Effervescent Light Beam Vessels
of The New Earth, and will be the Transporters and Transmitters of The
Light to the rest of the world.

We now put out a Clarion Call to All who feel led to serve, and are
asking you to please 'Step Up in Service,' for your energies and
efforts are well-needed. We also ask that you come forward to help to
anchor The New Energies as they continue to unfold, which in turn will
aid in solidifying The New Earth.

Please re-member to Ground and Shield yourselves, and know that you are
now likened to Finely Tuned Race Horses that require optimum care, like
lots of rest and relaxation, nature, music and a simple, higher
vibrational food diet.

Let us 'stronghold' The New Earth, and may the golden warmth of
Unconditional Love, like a campfire, live on in your hearts, instilling
warmth, compassion, comfort and nurturance now and forevermore.

We are ever near for your beckoning, and bestow our mighty blessings
upon you. Know that You Are Mighty - You Are Empowered - You Are
Awakened, and You Are Strong, and that your Faith and Courage will
Ground You and Transport You To The Flow, wherein you will Awaken And
Realize That You Are Indeed Home.

Blessings. As above, so below.

I AM, Archangel Michael

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Afra: Send Love and Healing Light to the People of Africa on 9-9-9

Channeled by Marlene Swetlishoff

September 6, 2009

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Beloved Lightworkers of the World,

I come forth this day to speak with you about the events that are soon
to occur upon your Planet Earth. I am Afra, I am One who lived upon the
Earth eons of time ago. I am One who oversees the nation of Africa,
which is named after me.

The events that will be occurring within the next week and the weeks
that follow, are adding greatly to the upliftment of all upon the
Earth, and I have observed, that even those in my beloved
country/nation of Africa who live in the utmost poverty and
deprivation, have within their hearts the Flame of Hope, the desire to
live upon a World that is filled with the Light of Love and Peace. and
Harmony, that even in their most darkest moments, that Flame within
them is never extinguished and I say to you, Beloved Lightworkers of
the World, that that Flame of Hope has been ignited by your efforts and
your Love and your actions, for what each of you, the Beloved
Lightworkers, do in your daily lives and in all the events that you
participate in, affects ALL. Every minute action and thought and
intention that you make adds to the greater good, and I look forward
with great anticipation for the activation of the great Crystals that
will re-establish the glory of the Golden Age, the glory of God that
shines forth from every heart upon the Earth.

I am filled with gratitude for this wonderful opportunity to come
through to speak with you all, and to add my voice and my support to
each of you and I ask you on 9-9-9 to remember my children of Africa
and direct your Love, even for a few moments, to them, that they may be
empowered even more in these precious moments of the Earth's history,
for your Love is sustenance to them, your Love is Hope to them. The
greatest gift that each of you can give to each of your Brothers and
Sisters on the Earth with you at this time, is your great Love and your
great Light.

I see in a future time a great Light streaming forth from Africa, that
Africa will become a great Beacon in the World, the New World, and I am
greatly pleased for those of you who feel in your hearts that you wish
to work on a daily basis to send healing energies, and encompassing and
empowering Love to the people of Africa. I ask you to call upon me and
I will join you and magnify your efforts, and not only on this behalf,
know that I am also One of the Ascended Light Realm and am intimately
involved in all of the inner workings of the Divine Plan for the Planet
Earth and all upon Her.

Do call upon me, it is heartening to be acknowledged, it is heartening
to have this opportunity to speak with all of you and I am deeply

I AM Afra

©2009 Marlene Swetlishoff

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