Monday, September 28, 2009

Dr. Michael Salla's return to the "serious" Academic world ?

First of all there were meetings. Academic levels, they say. Dr. Salla, who will be soon an Ex-Exopolitician, or just an Ex-Ex, is looking for some kind of quiet, discreet return to the good old normal terrestrial Academia.
Now, for some insiders a complete rejection of the Exopolitical fantasies are required.
Other insiders instead, say that nothing dramatic will be needed.
However, Dr. Saqlla, perhaps Professor Salla, will promise not to say one more word about UFOs, Aliens, Contactees and Whistleblowers.
The Prodigal Son will delete web pages, groups and Galactic Diplomacy Institutes.
In a couple of years the whole UFO thing will be forgotten and forgiven.