Sunday, September 6, 2009

New Shows in the Exo Circus..!

Welcome to the Circus, where we have now not only Exopolitics, and Exobiology, but also Exopsychology and Exoconsciousness.
Now we "learn" something about Exopsychology:
"Dr. Remo Roth, a Jungian analyst from Zurich, presents a neo-Jungian view that declares UFOs to be basically psychic, but also partaking of physical reality."
Herr Doktor "sees alien encounters and abduction phenomena as acts of creation, " (How nice and "legal", right?) Indeed very fascist.

Everything goes in this new Exoland attraction
"Dr. Michael Salla (another scientific mind,) attempts to account for all the data by positing the existence of "Celestials", non-physical beings who can travel throughout the universe using mind power alone. Celestials (also called angels, Ascended Masters, and so on) are "any life form that has achieved higher states of consciousness whereby they display a number of remarkable abilities without technological assistance."

Michael Gintowt is the Master Exopsychologist . He received a Masters degree in psychology, having studied at the Centre for Studies in Behavioral Neurobiology, at Concordia University, Montreal. Martial arts keeps him grounded.

He has also studied shamanism, ecopsychology, clinical hypnosis, Oriental philosophy, divination arts, the neurobiology of psychoactive drugs, the psychology of persuasion and mind control, creative thinking tools, business analysis, altered states of consciousness and neuroscience. (Oh my, oh my...)

Of course, Michael style is based on "classic Exo-evidences" : " Someone told me... I talked with someone..."

As usual, the "nothing happens" void is filled by a pseudo scientific rhetoric protected by the Motivation Fallacy between other tricks.

If you read what these ladies and gentlemen write, and showing your better smile, ask for some EVIDENCE , they will attack you. They will call you Cabal, psy-op, debunker, pathological skeptic, agent provocateur, you name it.
BUT...these attacks will just disguise the FACT that they have not an atom of evidence. The whole "corpus" of this Exocharade is precisely based in the complete lack of evidences.

What we have is fiction, dangerous fiction that is always negative towards humanity.

A couple of days ago, the Dr. Boylan, the Exobiologist, wrote in his group UFOfacts, that the star-nations had manipulated the primates making them humans.
Evidence? None of course.

Exopolitics, Exopsychology, Exobiology, Exoconsciousness.

Different names for the same emptiness of ideas and real knowledge.
My advice is this: ask them for evidences, again and again, and see how they react.
Ask them why, in their fairy tales, we HUMANS get always the worst part.
For the Exocharlatans, we cannot do it without the Non-Humans help. This is the only coincidence in the Exo asylum.