Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Alfred Webre Examiner article and my comment.

*Two whistleblowers independently report teleporting to Mars and meeting
Martian extraterrestrials*

September 9, 1:27 PMSeattle Exopolitics

Alfred Lambremont Webre
James Black says:
The Big Mystery is here, in front of our eyes. I am talking about Mr Alfred Webre mystery.
Nobody,absolutely NOBODY can believe that Webre believes what he is writing here.
Why? Because Mr. Webre shows a brilliant international Academic and Professional background.
So, we have two kind of mysteries in Ufology. The UFO Enigma itself, and the other Enigma : people like Webre writing this things, or people like Salla, an ex-academic , talking non-sense.
Why? How it is possible ? I don't know...I don't know. Have yes, some ideas but no EVIDENCE, because people, I just believe in the NEED OF EVIDENCE.
I believe we are responsible for what we say and write.
Dr. Webre, this is not an attack. It is my personal Enigma.
September 9, 3:19 PM