Friday, September 4, 2009


This question has no answer. Perhaps pragmatism. We must do what is better for us, Humans. 
The Universe is War, not Peace. 
The One becomes Two. Each one is exactly as powerful as the Other. 
They play chess. Infinite chess, Unlimited chess. 
This one moves a man, and a planet dies. The other moves a Bishop and Holocaust happens. 
What they can do? Just  to have all the possible experiences. 
There are no checkmates .The Game never ends. The board is the Universe(s)
We cannot even think in understand Them. We cannot even think in any communication with them.
They play the infinite game. After the Apocalypse they  are game again. 
" You cannot see my face and Live" 
And the Old Rabbi De León said : Angels come to earth as whirlwinds, because nobody could watch them as they are and live.
The Gnostics SAW this, and even HP Lovecraft saw without knowing that his nightmares were the real thing...THE REAL THING.

I talk about the Big Circus, and believe me, this Circus is bigger than everything you can imagine...believe me.