Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Keep your $ ready for Dr. Salla's Bolivian, Titicacan Show.

Dear people, as you know well, things are not going well in the Exopolitical field. This has to do with the "nothing happens " syndrome, but more with the economical crisis.
Not many people are reach enough or naive enough to go to the workshops of Dr. Boylan, where the kids, the so called "star seeds" learn from the good doctor the occult arts of telekinesis, telepathy and medical quackery.
Same happens with the Solar Initiations of Salla's Titicacan fantasist whose monumental fictions have a touch of Indiana Jones, but heavier.
Of course, doing exotourism in Bolivia is not cheap. So Don Luis Fernando Mostajo Maertens, from his External Spiritual Government Retreat in Wiñaymarka , Eternal City, Lake Titicaca, makes a call to the whole world to come to him and open to the Trascendental Knowledge. (He wrote his Universal message in Spanish  because he doesnt speak English )
Salla posted Montejo call in his group.  You can read the whole story below.
and remember ..."The Show must go On"
What follows is a message from Luis Fernando discussing a retreat/council he is creating in September 2012. I first saw Luis present at the 2008 Earth Transformation Conference, and then attended his Lake Titicaca Solar Initiation retreat in October 2008. Both were superb experiences and I highly recommended his seminars, and future activities as tremendous learning opportunities. More background information on Luis Fernando is available at: http://galacticdipl Contactees- Fernando. htm



Michael E. Salla, Ph.D.
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La Paz , August 2009
Dates: September 20th.-23rd. of 2012
Place: "Wiñaymarka"- Eternal City- Solar External Retreat – Lake Titicaca , Bolivia . 

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Letter 01

Dear all,
In the sacred name of divinity, we send you our deepest affection and love. Much time has passed since our last World Letter, which was the way suggested by our Superior Brothers to share the extraordinary contact experiences with the White Brotherhood and the Leaders of the Mission in the Andes and Titicaca Lake . Now, once again, our superior brothers invite us to be part of the communications which will be shared with all spiritual groups committed to the work of planetary spiritual ascension. They encourage us to finally come forward and reunite, in order for them to define our personal and group assignments.
We are all witnesses to an exceptional planetary time of great changes and transformations, and it is now that the energetic coordinates converge to begin a process of redefining and renovating the history of mankind.
Three years of profound inner preparation before the end of 2012 lie ahead of us. This preparation will enable us to access and decode the vibrational key to our own internal code to finally take the leading role which belongs to human beings at this time. We are to integrate and unite our missions and efforts for the completion of the Great Cosmic Plan on Earth for this time. 
After the wonderful experience in Mount Shasta in June, 2009 where the spiritual guides and members of the White Brotherhood manifested themselves, we were invited to experience another encounter in the Pyrenees mountain range - Spain, near Vielha in the lakes of Knights and Monastero. These magical places suggest themselves as silent guardians of mythical and ancient knowledge. Surely a gateway connection and contact with the White Brotherhood, part of the route of Santiago de Compostela or the path of the Stars. In this area of sacred places three Romanesque churches were erected, which serve as the entrance to the lagoons where we contacted the Old Master Akor, ancient druid and emissary of the etheric temples of the Pyrenees . That loving being with a priestly aspect projected a beam of light to our minds and said the following:

"My beloved, you are gathered here by Divine will to begin the global call for the Light Council in the year 2012, during the spring equinox in the ninth month of the year 2012, when the White Brotherhood, The Brotherhood of The Cosmic Star and  the Galaxy's Confederation of Worlds will come together in the Solar Retreat in Lake Titicaca, Bolivia  where positive cosmic energies converge on the planet, to give the most spiritually prepared groups on Earth, the Post of the responsibility for carrying out the most important tasks of transformation for humanity. It is therefore a time of maturity for human kind which will definitively seal the advent of the impending birth of a New Humanity. The process of preparation for this Council begins three years early so that you provide the conditions in order for this call, which  will be confirmed through energetic vibration at the Abbey of Montserrat, to reach all corners of the planet providing the roles and tasks for this evolutionary process and maturity of those who will be the instructors of the New Humanity. Many of these instructors or Earth Guides have been receiving instructions directly from Earth's Spiritual Government for many years now and have been entrusted to bring love and support for the transformation of mankind into its new evolutionary state. This is a time for humans to take responsibility of their own actions and help build the new world."

The message was clear and precise. It gave off a spiral of energy and appeal to the conscience of man. Later, with the assistance of Elder Master AKOR, we arrived at Son Valley , where the stories focus on the existence of an energy zone - similar to the Bermuda triangle- where several disappearances have been registered.  Being in the zone, we could capture with our digital camera an unusual fluorescent green image, as if a filter had been activated on the camera, at the same time we witnessed a UFO sighting in the distance that would seal the presence and contact with the Old Masters and Mission guides in the magical mountains of the Pyrenees .

Days later we arrived to the Abbey of Montserrat. Following St. Jeroni's serpentine path we reached the highest part where there is a sort of veranda. There is in this place a plaque with the Compass Rose; the compass of the horizon with all four corners of the planet. It's strange but the chart in the Compass Rose is represented by 33 diamonds. This message suggested the need to activate a diamond-shaped energy in the collective of the consciousness of mankind, starting the call in the subtle planes or dimensions for man to assume the responsibility of humanity's transformation process. The 33rd. diamond in the Rose of the Winds, suggested without any doubt that the cosmic and planetary energies have finally begun to be concentrated in the human being.

The Abbey of Montserrat has been, since long time ago, the permanent source of magical and spiritual legends, highlighting the mythological presence of Perceval, one of King Arthur's Round Table knights who dedicated his life to finding the Holy Grail. This search would lead him to the same mountain and abbey where it is guarded. Much has been written about it suggesting a connection between the Holy Grail and Christ's bloodline. According to the spiritual master's assistance, the energy of Montserrat would remind us of the need to activate the Christ energy in our own bloodline's code, accessing our internal records where our true origin and compromise is shown. Christ's energy and the awakening of the 8th realm of Consciousness is the power of the Holy Grail that everyone should learn to find in his or her own inner-temple.
The Post or transfer of responsibility by the White Brotherhood to humans is known by Humanity as "the day after", and it has to do with the life principles that will govern our lives in the new era which will commence after December of 2012.
The Elder Teachers have expressed their desire for these three next years as follows:
- The first year the GLOBAL CALL TO THE LIGHT COUNCIL OF THE WHITE BROTHERHOOD - THE COSMIC STAR BROTHERHOOD - THE INTERGALACTIC CONFEDERATION OF WORLDS AND EARTH GROUPS 2012 should be translated into at least five of the most spoken languages, and sent to as many beings on Earth possible.
- By the end of 2010 a virtual forum should be created so that all who feel called to be part of the NEW WORLD can begin to share their contribution in what will be the Legacy of Light - The Post to future generations on the Life Principles of the New Time.
- This Post will be born under the loving care and guidance of the White Brotherhood and the Extraterrestrial guides, but it will be us humans, who through our maturity as spiritual beings will create a new reality for a better world; a symbol and guarantee of change sustainable over time.
- This post will enable man to precede future events, programming the steps and guidelines to follow after December 2012, the "Day of no return" and reconnection with the Real Time of the Universe. Therefore, "The Legacy of Light" will be known as the "Day after" - The Legacy of the "Committed of All times" for the New World .
The door has been opened and every meeting among all beings of light, shall make the incandescent flame that burns inside each of us become brighter.
May Christ's love, the One and the All which manifests in the 8th. realm, be with each one of us. Our deepest love to all.
Luis Fernando Mostajo Maertens
External Spiritual Government Retreat
Wiñaymarka - Eternal City - Lake Titicaca
La Paz , August 2009