Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Super-secret meeting between Humans and other forms of life.

A historical and super-secret meeting between Humans and other forms of life took place in an Island whose name must remain unknown. (sorry)

The  participants in the event were representatives of more than one hundred galactic civilizations,(Webre) plus celestial beings and even authorities of several subterranean cities and members of the White Brotherhood.

The human side was well represented by Exopoliticians, Exobiologists, Exopsychologists, Exoanalists  and Exoreverends.

Humans wanted to know when and where the Close Encounter of the Four and even Five kind would happen.

The enlightening answer of the Aliens was this:

"We will come to you in peace, but not before the human spiritual evolution shows real advance. As you know, the moment of the Multidimensional Ascension and consequent Rapture, will be decided by The Source."

One of the humans, the Exosociologist, wanted to know if it was possible for the Galactic Federation to help a little with our present chaos, (hunger, war, violence, crime, health, injustice and abuse.)

The answer of the Celestials, who were sitting in a golden spiral staircase, was to sing a beautiful Hymn and shouting Hallelujahs.

The Ambassador of the Pleiadeans, after a few minutes of silent meditation said:

"Those are minor problems. They will be solved when you become members of the Galactic Fraternity but not before."

Anxiously, the Exopolitician wanted to know more about that glorious event, but the Z-Reticulan wisely told him:

"There is nothing unknown for The Source. Her Wisdom and Love are infinite, so be prepared because the Time will come, perhaps in years, or centuries, or millennia, or eons. After all for the Universe, a million years is just a second. Listen carefully to our messages given through the Contactees..."

The Exopsychologist courageously remembered to the presents that hundreds of Contactees gave contradictory messages with little practical meaning, and worst, each contactee denounced all the others as disinformers and liars.

After this, the old Ambassador of the Orionidas  told to the presents:

"If you, humans, do not recognize the difference between Truth and Falseness, you are not ready for the open contact, neither are you ready for the Multidimensional Ascension. "

"My advice is this: pray to The Source. He or She will be merciful."

These words ended the meeting. The Celestials went on with their Halleluiahs, the Subterraneans returned to their Secret Cities under the Titicaca Lake,  and the Ambassadors of more than one hundred Galactic Civilizations leaved Earth in their Saucers, Triangles, Cigars and other weird vehicles.

"Looks like we must go on with the Solar Initiations"- said one of the humans.

"I will go on teaching kids to do some telekinesis and distant healing"

"You remember me that tomorrow I must meet the lawyer who discovered cities, lakes, woods, and people like us in Mars."

A Contactee said in Spanish: this night I will be teleported to Ganymede…have a friend there.

In that moment, the caretaker turn off the light.