Friday, March 5, 2010

Waiting for something.

Star Nations, Star Visitors and Star Seeds. Hundreds of cosmic races here, with us...well, not exactly with us.
Some individuals tell us all we need to know about ETs, aliens, Cosmic Visitors, with bases in Mars and Moon, and many things more that they know, and the government knows also, and we all wait for a disclosure.
Of course, we are all waiting, waiting for "something" to happen. Contact, and UFOs landing in the White House, and well, you name it.
Waiting, a day, a week, a month, a year, a decade...because we are not ready? ...and how we prepare for contact? Just some New Age reading...some "faith" in what the contactees tell us, that usually is nothing new, nothing super-human.
The "aliens" are shy. We talk and talk and talk about aliens but "they" are never there.
Oh yes, of course, we know that some people share with us their experiences, the contact, telepathy and all that, and perhaps you, yes, you are one of those abductees or contactees or telepatees or teleportees.
ONLY YOU know what happened, if anything. No evidences, never, never evidences of course.

We WAIT. A day, a week, a year, a Century, reading, reading what OTHERS tell us about the "cosmic brothers", the zetas, the greys.
Lots of talk and writing and secret sources, and New Age rhetoric, and some Religion also, but something is missing, is always missing.
The "aliens" are never there.
We will find people talking about ETs but NEVER ETs.
However, from the beginning of our times, people saw the same UFOs, same kind of objects again and again.
If they are there, we can analyze their behaviour and understand that there will never be any open contact.
Why? We don't know, but they were always here. They are not "visitors", not aliens.
We  don't know what they are, what they want, where they come from.
The extraterrestrial hypothesis is the less rational. After many years we came to believe that they come from the Future. They are Time Travelers.
Or...they are a joke of someone or something.
A trick to keep us WAITING day after day, month after month, century after century.
No, I have no evidences of what I say, and neither have you, my friend.

In Reason and Science we Trust.