Saturday, March 13, 2010

Exopolitical Situation and TRUTH.

In fact Exopolitics is finished. Salla remains silent, and his group is nothing but a Circus of personal fantasies.
Webre is writing a few stupidities and absurdities in Examiner.
Boylan is also finished. Probably Fran, the self proclaimed Incarnated Mantis will follow with what left of UFOfacts group.
However, I am pessimistic concerning the possibilities of "cleaning" Humanity's Brainwashing.
Most of the so called UFOs come from the Future, where what remains is no more than ten million humans, most of them Mutants. (Of course you can believe this or not...nothing will change either if you believe it or if you don't)

The answer of the Nouminous is always SILENCE. There is nobody there and if there is ...well some things must remain Unknown, BECAUSE we cannot learn about those secrets and live or, worst, remain sane. KNOWING those Truths turns you into an Insane, a very intelligent Insane.
"you cannot see my Face and live"...etc.
Again let me remember those words of the Spanish Rabbi Abraham de Leon..." angels come to Earth as whirlwinds because we coud not watch them in their real look and survive.."
Perhaps a few of you, have the courage or the conviction to think that I am right.
Perhaps some of you choose to tell yourselves nice fairy tales and sleep at night.
In both cases , the difference is 0. Nothing will change.
But of course, to see IT is to be free  and also to be alone.

James AKA Tomas