Monday, March 8, 2010


Dear friends

Let me invite you to consider a few things concerning the Mars conspiracy theory. In this case, the cover-up of civilized life in Mars.
This kind of cover up, cannot include only NASA and a few scientists. The cover-up requires an "apparatus" of repression and censorship able to control the WHOLE world Scientific establishment.
Thousands and thousands of agents controlling the in Mars.
But this is not enough because those agents MUST be controlled by other agents so that any "leak" of the forbidden truth is avoided.
Any individual able to UNDERSTAND THIS, will see that this conspiracy is impossible.
There are however some alternatives.

1) Conspiracy freaks will believe it, just because they are insane or paranoids in the edge.
2) Some people capable to read but not think coherently will perhaps accept the false premises, but without real understanding.

The problem for us is to find an answer for this question: What's going on with the few who believe in the possibility of such conspiracy?