Friday, March 26, 2010

Questions that Exo-charlatans will NOT answer

We think that Maria Edith's post in Boylan's group UFOfacts deserves attention and justifies some questions. Let us see: our friend says <<We have to be proud of our Star heritage how Dr Boylan have said>> Good, because true believers have ONLY in their minds what Boylan says to them. IF someone doubts, he is condemned as Cabal. ONLY  Boylan decides what is true and what isn't .

Here we would like to know what is the Cabal. How is this Cabal defined, who belongs to it, why they fight for. As you will understand, talk about the Cabal "ad nauseam" but without any definition is rhetoric and nothing more.

Also Maria Edith informs us about Star Visitors and contradicts herself when she says that <<They have been millenniums serving to this planet! I >>

IF they are here serving the planet for millenniums, THEN they are not visitors at all. Right?

But here comes the big question: What exactly are these Star Visitors doing for us?

Is our planet better? Is the environment "fixed"? Did these "aliens" teach us something useful, like how to cure cancer, or how to feed billions which are hungry?
If your answer Maria, is YES, then show us some benefits coming from the "Star Visitors".
If your answer is NO, then tell us in what way are these "cosmic brothers" helping us.
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What follows is Maria Edith post in UFOfacts.

Peter, Gina and all:
This post really touched me. We have to be proud of our Star heritage how Dr Boylan have said, There is a big disinformation campaign against the Star Visitors. No matter what they (cabals) could say, our Heart Center knows the true. We have to see the Star Visitor how really they are, not how the cabals want we see them. How Nancy have said in her post, The Star genetic is bringing many important skills which are necessary to build the Fifth World together.
I want to take a chance in this moment for say something that I felt that I have to say, I feel very proud ( in the correct connotation of this word, without ego) of the Star race which I came not matter what the cabals have said about them. They have been millenniums serving to this planet! I know the true...
With love and Light Energy,Maria Edith