Saturday, March 6, 2010

Dr. Salla defeated by the "Nothing Happens Syndrome"?

Well, let us see. Dr. Salla, the "pioneer" of the nonexistent science of Exopolitics looks defeated, or...he became tired of the whole thing.
He is also a victim of the Nothing Happens Syndrome.
Listen people, the truth is that we cannot be diplomats to (...nothing here,)
We cannot be waiting day after day, the "Event".
In Exopolitics and other impossible pseudosciences, the key, the secret is to talk about X, as if X were there for all to see.
(Never a nut, a screw or some mathematical problem solved. Never)
Sooner or latter, the only thing that happens is the "nothing happens syndrome".
When everything is told to the new adepts, we must go back to the Adamski kitsch. The lovely white people of Venus.
Or to the discoveries of Basiago, the Lawyer who found civilized life in Mars from the backyard of his house...
Perhaps I am wrong about Salla, and he will come back with new revelations. In any case, I wish him and Angelika, his lovely wife, THE BEST.

In TRUTH we trust