Monday, March 22, 2010

Alfred Webre: Friend of Science and Reason

Here we have Alfred,s work in EXAMINER.

Libertario Rivolta comments Alfred Webre's article in the EXAMINER. Enjoy.

<People must understand that ALFRED WEBRE deserves our recognition and admiration. His name will be some day between those of the martyrs of Science.
A mature man with bouts of serious depression, years ago he lost his faith in God.
After this, he found the crazy world of pseudo-scientists, liars, borderline personalities and imbeciles that name themselves Exopoliticians.
However, Alfred saw that the Exopolitical world was also empty and full of lies.
In his writings, he choses to make us see the total meaningless of all this. The unlimited stupidity. Thanks Alfred, in the name of Science and Reason. Your writings are what this world controlled by the Corporations deserve

No gods
No masters
March 22, 2:10 PM