Tuesday, March 9, 2010


..and the denial comes from Fran, presumably an "incarnated estiquian Mantis" and also proclaimed Councilor. This message was posted in UFOfacts precisely when the Councilor Boylan is out of line for one week or so.
The message is important because the Altimarians in Boylan's mythology, were here on Earth to "fix" our environmental problems.

Again, it looks like the "Nothing Happens Syndrome " is hurting the EXO Circus badly.
Please read below Fran's post.



Greetings everyone,

   Of the Altimarians, Gene relayed some information/ material to a colleague to be shared with you all that have inquired about the recent actions of Gaia/Unce Maka/Earth Being. Here you are. Gene's comments are not unexpected at all. And makes sense. Take care.
L & P in Service

Then I -colleague- asked him -Gene- the question posed on the list:  what do they have to say about the earthquakes and changes?  Here is his answer:
> "It is not for us to say what will happen on your planet.  That is for you to work with.  It is well past time when you look to others to tell you what is happening with your planet.  You must each learn to connect with Gaia/Unce Maka yourselves -- to determine what the needs are, and to make yourselves useful in attending to them in ways that you are capable to do.  While we Altimarians are here to assist, it is with the understanding that the citizens of your planet would also be engaged in similar activities.  We are not here to rescue you!  We are here to repair what has been done so that your planet may continue."
> He goes on to say this:
> "Attune to the energy fields of the portion of the planet where you live.  Find the ley lines and offer your healing energy through them.  You can do this as a daily practice, and it will help.  But even better than that, work with the waters.  Put Light, peace, and healing energy into the waters -- as you drink, clean, bathe, and eliminate -- offer up the energies that transform darkness, fear, and grief -- offer up goodness and healing.  This you can do easily.  And it will help not only Gaia but all who live upon her surface, because all life forms depend on the waters to hydrate and nourish themselves.  So you are cleaning the atmosphere.  You can also do this with your breath.  Breathe out love, kindness, and peace with your out-breath, as an offering to all.  From the waters to the air that is breathed, let  healing energy replace the discord and chaos.  See your world being swept clean of all these things.  Because that is what is happening."
> "One final word.  You must take responsibility for your own thoughts and actions.  Do not sit in front of your computers or entertainment screens waiting for something.  You are not here to be entertained!  Be at peace within yourself, shed whatever keeps you feeling helpless, and stand forward into 5th world that is being made already.Take your part in this vast healing effort.  It is time for YOU to move from being passive observers, to active co-creators.  Please do this now.">