Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Frequently we become prisoners of our own words and definitions. An example of this was the “Flying Saucers”, referred to the unidentified flying objects or (UFO.) The first highly publicized sighting by Kenneth Arnold on June 24, 1947, resulted in the creation of the term by U.S. newspapers.

This acronym however is not only automatically associated with the idea of UFO as Extraterrestrial crafts but in my view, is not a good definition.

Norio Hayakawa reminds us that "The things we call unidentified flying objects are neither objects nor flying.
They can materialize, as some reliable photographs seem to show, and they violate the laws of motion as we know them".
(QUOTE from Dr. Jacques Vallee's acclaimed book, DIMENSIONS)

The so called flying objects, move and stop in the space in such a way that we cannot define these movements as flying at all.

Same happens with the word “objects” since we do not know if these entities are objects of something else.

I think it’s time to change the UFO definition. Doing this we will open our minds to new possibilities.

Instead of “objects” let’s try with “entities”, and let’s change the word “flying” by “Dynamic”.

We have then a new definition: Unidentified Dynamic Entities. UDE.

The adoption of this new definition and acronym will, in my opinion, help us to remember what we know, and of course what we don’t know about these UDE, ex-UFO.

 Tomas Scolarici