Tuesday, February 22, 2011

TOMAS SCOLARICI open letter to his friend ALFRED WEBRE

Dear Alfred. respectful debate is always open. And more than open. The constant exchange of Memes between us, is a valuable contribution to Ufological Research.
I am not sure if litany is the right word but it's OK. There is NOTHING outside the text. That is why the Bible begins with the Logos, the word. In the beginning was nothing but TALK, and in the end, TALK will close the funny comedy we call life.

We need a new beginning. We need the brutal act of total honesty: I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT THE UFO PHENOMENON, and more important, nobody does.
This is the litany of HONESTY, good old Alfred. There is nothing else. The rest; contact, quarantine, Galactic Council and Galactic Diplomacy is NOTHING at all. Show me some EVIDENCE and I will recognize your litany. While this DOESN"T happens, while as usual, there is no DISCLOSURE, NO UFO LANDING,  NO EVENTS, we will be friends, even if we have very different ideas.


In EVIDENCES we Trust.

Tomas Scolarici
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On Tue, Feb 22, 2011 at 2:19 PM, EXOPOLITICS.COM <exopolitics@exopolitics.com> wrote:
Tomas - Why not include the context communication theory in your litany?  You may be a UFO insider, but you are always debunking positive suggestions, like the context communication theory that I first proposed in 1974, and is widely respected.

Think about it. Allow respectful debate.  

Alfred ;-)