Saturday, February 26, 2011

Fwd: DOZENS OF STAR VISITORS, real ET's in the Advanced Workshop for Star Kids, Star Seed Adults, families and friends of the Councilor of Earth, Richard Boylan..!

But people I must be honest with you. Please tell me if I am right or wrong.
These dozens of Star Visitors are either legal or illegal aliens, right?
Now, if they are illegal aliens, the "migra", Immigration and Naturalization Service will proceed and arrest these illegals.
However, if they are legal aliens, there you have the disclosure, because they are legal residents.
The third option, of course, is the HOAX. They are not aliens at all, but in this case, these pseudo-aliens are swindlers.

What do you think about this JUDGE Alfred Webre?
I hope that the Ohio EXOPOLITICS Radio will ask Richard Boylan some questions about


Tomas Scolarici.

[UFOFacts] notice about actual dates of the Star Kids & Star Seeds Advanced Workshop


    An Advanced Workshop for Star Kids, Star Seed Adults, families and friends, at which dozens of Star Visitors will be in the audience, with some Star Visitors as Speakers, is being planned for a weekend in May/June, 2011 (exact dates TBA), in Philadelphia, PA. Firm dates will be announced soon.
    Dr. Richard Boylan will be making presentations, and explaining the advanced abilities of Star Seeds and Star Kids, and will lead demonstrations of some of these psychic abilities.
    One of the Star Visitor Speakers will be the leader of a planet in a star system 17 light years distant, which has two inhabited planets. It is anticipated that this Star Visitor will bring a family member with him who will also make a presentation.
    Another Star Visitor Speaker will be an Estican (Praying Mantis/Mantoid) Incarnate Human who is authorized to speak on behalf of her people since she is the niece of the Estican People's Councillor representative to Star Nations.
    Other Star Visitors will also address the gathering.
    Two Star Kids will be Speakers, telling about the challenges of growing up as a Star Kid in a culture which has not been providing any recognition of Star Kids.
    A Star Seed adult who has been downloaded with Star Visitors information for the public will provide a revised history of Planet Earth, including: who first discovered this planet,where the dinosaurs really fit into Earth's time-line, who first bioengineered Homo Sapiens, did Darwin overstate evolution?, the histories of preceding Earth civilizations Lemuria and Atlantis, who built the pyramids and why, other life forms on Earth not currently recognized as existing and highly-intelligent, who the Great Religious Teachers/Avatars really were, which star races have interacted with Humans over the course of our history, and the history of Star Visitors' interactions with today's governments, the technologies shared with those governments, and what the governments are hiding from us.
    There will be much more, but this will give you some idea of this unprecedented event.
    Star Visitors have foreshown that this Workshop will be recorded with portions later televised nationally, and eventually rebroadcasted globally. Don't wait. Witness this Workshop in person this Spring.
    This Advanced Workshop will serve as a powerful trigger which will eventually awaken recognition in millions of Star Seeds and Star Kids around the globe as to their true, full identity, why they are different, and what their full potential and abilities are.
    Remote viewing indicates that before this Workshop, the U.S. Government will have conceded the reality of UFOs and that Star Visitors have contacted government officials and officers.
    And by the time this Advanced Workshop is over, the U.S. Government will not be able to return to business as usual ignoring Star Visitor reality. The cultural beachhead of the Transition of human society into a civilization cosmic in scope will have been achieved.
    Plan on being there and watching history being made!
    Future-viewing indicates that many hundreds of people will participate in this Workshop.
    Details of this Advanced Workshop's location and logistics are still being developed. We are not yet quite ready to take formal registrations, but hope to do so in the near future. Meanwhile you can place your name on the pre-registration list of persons interested in being notified when registration opens. Just send your name and contact information, (and say you want to attend the Advanced Workshop), to Workshop Registrar Linda Solley at:
    in service to Source,
    Richard Boylan, Ph.D., Councillor of/for Earth