Thursday, February 17, 2011

More Secrets of the Greatest Contactees and Cosmic Preachers revealed..!

Dear people, this time I will show you how to do it, analyzing the following text of a Master Cosmic Preacher: Dr. Michael Salla who proclaims himself founder of the Exopolitical "science". Alfred Webre says that this is not true, by the way, but let's go to what matters here. My comments in bold and underlined.

First, see the title of the paper: ETs ARE AMONG US. ( Salla doesn't' leave any space for doubt.) We of course, wait for evidences but…let's see if Salla fulfills the promises of this title.



Scholarly historical UFO accounts suggest Human-looking Extraterrestrials living among us.


In this initial paragraph, Salla let us understand that the thing is not based in evidences. He tells us that the account suggests Human Looking ETs living among us. The security and arrogance of the title is lost.

Compiled by Dr. Michael Salla et al

Now let us see the academic style of the good doctor.
A University of Mexico tenured medical professor who met with an extraterrestrial, posing as an ordinary civilian, helps corroborate claims of Human Extraterrestrials living among us. This professor was also a senior member of the Mexican Atomic Energy Commission. The Professor used the pseudonym of 'Prof Hernandez' and worked with a Mexican journalist, Zitha Rodriguez to release details of his contact in the early 1970's.


From the beginning Dr. Salla, who, in his words, learned all about UFO in the internet, informs us that the "source" of this knowledge of ETs living among us, is and individual

whose pseudonym is "Prof.Hernandez".  (Of course, this confession turns the whole article as valid as a science fiction story, or perhaps a Mexican soap opera.)

It all began in 1972, with a voice in his head, leading him to scientific breakthroughs in his own medical research in immunology which brought him special recognition by his peers. Professor Hernandez knew the ideas were not his own, because he had no background in developing them. They came to his mind full blown, as though someone who knew perfectly well what he was talking about had explained them to him in detail. This whole paragraph doesn't need any comment.  Any rational individual will see it as totally meaningless and unreliable. A pathetic joke of our "academic" founder or cofounder of the Exopolitical Science


Later in that year he was approached by the author of that voice in his head, and it turned out to be a beautiful extraterrestrial woman who said he could call her Elyense, which he changed to LYA for short. She met him several times on the University Campus before she went any further.
Here, Dr.Michael Salla goes clearly into the Mexican soap opera without any remorse.


Now after reading the following stupidities, you will understand how easy is to be a Contactee and Cosmic Preacher. You don't even need imagination. Why? Because as Dr. Salla, you are totally convinced of the absolute stupidity of your readers.
LYA wore a dark pantsuit of some very fine material that the professor could not quite identify. She had dark eyes and wore dark hair shoulder length. She walked our streets and breathed our ambient air with no difficulty. She even drank fruit juice with him at a sidewalk lunch table as they talked. She was obviously far better educated than Hernandez, and he was considered one of his country's foremost scientists.

When the professor questioned LYA's extreme intelligence and the source of her superior knowledge, she took him into her confidence and told him that she was not from this planet -- that she came from another world in a group of stars we called Andromeda. He thought she meant the Andromeda Galaxy at first.

On a subsequent meeting she guided him to a secluded desert area outside of Mexico City and took him aboard her disc-shaped spacecraft. There, she showed him many scientific wonders, and at one point took him to a viewing screen where she worked some controls and brought up an image of a star-field in the screen. She showed him some guide stars in Cassiopeia and in Andromeda Constellation, and then showed him where her home sun was in relation to those other stars.
The rest of the soap opera includes the desert, the names of stars, advice about how to use our technology and the usual spiritualist mumbo-jumbo.

This is serious? No, of course not, but…something is serious indeed. Does Dr. Salla writes this nonsense because he thinks that someone will believe him? If the answer is no, then we must consider the possibility of someone behind the apparent idiocy…someone who wants to make the UDE ( UFO)Phenomenon ridiculous and absurd.

Your ideas are welcome. Remember to always let me know if your message can be published.

Hernandez story was investigated by Lt. Col. Wendelle Stevens who corresponded with Zitha Rodriquez. Stevens found many similarities with other contactee cases even though Hernandez could not have known of these. He decided to translate Rodriquez book of Hernandez experiences and eventually concluded that Hernandez was credible.

As in the Adamski and Menger cases, Hernandez reveals that his extraterrestrial contact could easily blend into the Mexican population. In contrast to the Adamski and Menger cases, Lya was alone and did not appear to have a buddy.

Same old discredited names. One of these was jailed for sexual abuses against minors. Adamsky never went to the Extraterrestrial Congress in Saturn.

Angelika just tell me what the dolphins say about all this nonsense?


Tomas Scolarici