Friday, February 4, 2011

The evolution of Humanity

The evolution of Humanity is impossible under the present conditions.
Human culture is based on the priority given to the emotions.

The negative character of these emotions is not recognized, and because of this, Greed, Hate, Passion, Aggression, Desire are nourished by your emotional culture.

Love is good, you say, and Hate is bad. That's the inaccuracy, because Love is Hate and Hate is Love. The polarity is always active. Those who love their nation hate the alleged foe.
Those who hate the "wrong" beliefs of others, worship their own.
If you love your God, you hate the adversary, and that is perpetual war. Everybody believes he or she is right and the others wrong.

Greed is also justified by love of the family, the nation, the kingdom.
If you love your country you are justified in killing those supposed enemies of your motherland.

Let us tell you this: You cannot fight the symptoms if you don't fight the virus, and the name of the virus is EMOTIONS.

You cannot feel hate if you do not feel love. The opposite is also true.
You cannot be free if you are attached, and emotions are the source of all attachment.

Forget about Love and Hate, and find the rational balance between individuality and society.
If emotions must remain (which in the end is not necessary,) emotions must be kept
under the control of your Intelligence, of your Mind.

A word about representatives and cosmic preachers: Nobody is authorized to speak in our name.
Those false representatives give you a fictitious and negative emotional message.
See the truth. Control the emotions and evolve.

Recognize who is your real enemy. Your Emotions are.
Listen carefully: when you understand this, it becomes self-evident, obvious.
Know that the price to pay, if you don’t give up your emotional culture is the highest of all: self-destruction.
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