Saturday, April 3, 2010

My answer to Frank

Dear Frank

On the contrary, many rational people comes to my site. After all, is FREE. I'm not into the "UFO business."
Now, if you believe I post lies, then show your EVIDENCE. Prove that my  posts are lies.
I have no superiors telling me nothing. I do not recognize any self proclaimed "Councilor of Earth", or extraterrestrial "Big Brother"
I'm afraid that there is FEAR in what you write.
Yes, fear to read what could be at threat to your Fantasy World.

In Truth and Reason


 Apr 3, 2010 at 8:40 AM, Frank Borja <> wrote:
Dear whatever your name or identity is:

You think you can take phrases out of context and paste them on your site will actually serve any purpose? Nobody even reads your info or site. I don't even think you believe the lies you put there, you just do it because some one tells you to do so, you have no authority yourself to do or think by yourself. Such a shame you waste you time and energy on lies and slander about others. Please don't waste your time on me, I won't bother to open anything that comes from you or your superiors, it won't be worth my time, energy or efforts.

In Light & Love


From: Ezra Frenkell <>
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Subject: UFO Evidence Worthy Of Study

UFO Evidence Worthy Of Study