Monday, April 12, 2010

The Councilor of Earth loves the Earthquakes.

In his post in UFOfacts about Gaia and justifiable Catastrophes, Dr.Boylan tells us that Gaia, the Earth has the right to kill hundreds of thousands of innocent people under the authority of the 11.11 laws, as the Source has set forth, to preserve her life and well-being by necessary measures.

The question to this enormity is: Why the killing of hundreds of thousands of poor people in Hawaii preserves live and well being of Earth.?
Why not choosing the responsible of the Earth pains instead of innocent women, children and men?
How does the self-proclaimed "councilor of Earth knows what the Source has set forth for Gaia?

Also, the Councilor let us know that "The loss of life in the abstract, vegetative, animal or Human, can be said to be "unfortunate" .
    However it is the nature of life to have an ending point. The deaths that can be said to be unfortunate are the ones resulting from injustice or human carelessness or apathy."

Carelessness and apathy come from Washington, and London, and Paris, not from Haiti. The rich and powerful that belong to the Cabal, never are affected by earthquakes and natural catastrophes. Why this gentleman makes Mother Earth responsible for so much pain and suffering of those who doesn't hurt Her?
In a fatalist and authoritarian rhetoric, Boylan states that :
 " Not everything that happens on Earth can be stopped. Or even should be stopped."
In other words, if you, people, have the power to save thousands of lives, you should not do it...
He insists: "Further, you shouldn't stop a necessary earthquake even if you could.''
"Just because we have psychic abilities doesn't mean that we should use them in every situation."
Even if you are powerful enough to save hundreds of thousands, you should NOT do it.
The question is this: Who is this self-proclaimed Councilor of Earth to speak in the name of the Source or in the name of Mother Earth?
Who is Boylan to tell you that Mother Earth wants to kill his sons?
This is the Ideology of Genocide.
There is not a single drop of Love and Compassion in these words.
These are the words of Darkness, not of Light.
There is no greatest "cabalist" that this self-proclaimed "Councilor of Earth"
Mother Earth, Daughter of the Source, have mercy on him.