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Fwd: Our Advice to Worried Parents.

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Subject: Our Advice to Worried Parents.

Richard Boylan, who is a typical Cult Leader, demands FAITH in his "followers". Consequently we MUST believe that it's true that bewildered parents send letters like this one to the ex-doctor, now Councilor of Earth.
Please, believe what he says or you will be condemned as a Cabalist.


   I get letters all the time from bewildered parents. I thought I'd share a typical letter, and my reply, with you.>

Let's read the letter of the bewildered father.

 < Sent: Tuesday, April 13, 2010 6:42 PM
To: drboylan@sbcglobal. net
Subject: How do I know he's a Star Kid?>

<Dear Dr. Boylan,
I am writing you to tell you a little about my son, Chase.  He recently started displaying some strange/unusual behaviors after a non-life-threatenin g fall where he fractured the first vertebrae of his neck.
Chase is a four year old and a non-identical twin.

Since his accident he has been talking about events that we (he and I) haven't done, but he swears we have.  He speaks as if the events were sometime long ago and they usually involve me taking him somewhere special or doing something special with him and his brother.  He also has told me, on more than one occasion, that he has "magic powers".  I did the "Uh huh, Oh I see" for some time, until yesterday.

Yesterday my elderly father was with my son and accidently locked his keys in the house.  He didn't have a key to the truck, or the home.  They called me to come and let them in, but I told my Dad that he could have Chase go thru the doggie door and open the door.  When he made the suggestion to Chase he said "I can't do that, but I can open the door".  My son walked to the back door (a sliding glass door which was locked) and said something under his breath, and my father said he witnessed the latch open.  My son then opened the door.
On top of that, my father replaced the batteries in a game that my son wanted to play desperately.  The game was broken.  The new batteries didn't fix the problem.  My father said Chase stared deeply at the game, put his hand on it, and soon after he said he fixed it.  My father then turned it on and it worked!!  Needless to say... We are starting to be a bit bewildered.

How do we explain these things and how do I, as his parent, react appropriately? ?  I myself have only had a few instances of any phenomenon (i.e. once I predicted a car wreck, I then predicted my first son was very ill and I needed to have a C-Section, and upon conception of my last pregnancy I knew it was twins).  None of which I have ever considered true pre-cog.

When questioned about this he gets a gaze in his eyes, as if he is looking beyond me.  He tells me he has magic powers and they are in his belly.  He tells me it's like a magic key is inside him.  He doesn't really seem to want to talk about these "powers", but he believes in them whole heartedly.  He once told me the "trees" gave them to him.

Just curious what you would recommend for my situation.  If you can offer any advice, I would be so appreciative.
Sincerely,      >>>


Here we have Boylan's answer to this worried father:

<I replied:
Dear K______,>

  < It can be bewildering, perplexing, and even a bit unsettling to be the parent of a Star Kid.
   The trauma of the fall and fracture which Chase experienced may have jolted and accelerated the emergence of his psychic and other Star Kid abilities but don't rule out his twin either, who also is one, (but whose abilities have apparently not yet emerged or perhaps not yet been recognized.
   And how about you, Kim, who reluctantly acknowledge that you have precognition (and likely other, unrecognized abilities)?
   I have worked with Star Kids (and Star Seed adults) who have done everything you've seen Chase do, and more.
   Chase is only four so his explanation of how he does these things is in the imaginative and somewhat over-concrete imagery of a small child.
   I have attached an article describing these and other abilities and characteristics of Star Kids.
   You ask, "How do I explain his abilities, and how do I as a parent react appropriately? "
   I have written a book, (free, on-line), Star Kids: the Emerging Cosmic Generation, at: www.drboylan. com/starkidspdf. pdf
   You should especially read Chapter 12, "Parents of Star Kids: What Do We Do Now?", and Chapter 13, "Proper Education For Star Kids".
   Since it appears that you may be a Star Seed,  I am sending you two items via links.
You can see and take the Star Kid/Star Seed Identification Questionnaire (SKIQ), and read the brief companion explanatory article by going to: www.drboylan. com/starkididqst nr.html and to: www.drboylan. com/strkidsigns. html
   After you read these and take the Questionnaire, see about applying the SKIQ to Chase (allowing for his young age).
   Let me know your overall SKIQ score, and Chase's, and perhaps his twin's), and I will have some additional information for you.
    in the light,
    Richard Boylan, Ph.D.>

Richard Boylan, Ph.D., LLC
drboylan@sbcglobal. net
www.drboylan. com/
President, Star Kids Project, Ltd
Diamond Springs, CA 95619-1009 USA>>

Let us see now, our advice to the worried father of the"star/kid"

What you, dear K, should do is to PRINT your letter and Councilor's answer, and with both pay a visit to your family doctor or pediatrician.
(show this to your Doctor)

Full And Detailed Transcript of California Board of Psychology revoking Boylan's license to practice in Nov 1996 (via

He or she is an AUTHORIZED practitioner, and will give you a RATIONAL answer about your kids and your family.
And please, remember this: DO NOT SEND MONEY to representatives of Cosmic Visitors or self-proclaimed Earth Councilors or Incarnated Mantises.

Destructive Cults Watchers.