Sunday, April 25, 2010

Boylan, Salla and Greer controlled by the "Cabal"?

Dr. Boylan writes in his last UFOfacts's post what follows:

  My friend, Command Sergeant-Major Robert O. Dean, US Army/NATO (ret.), has been the source of some of my insider information.
    Bob recently revealed some "leaks" which follow, and which provide some information about the extent to which the U.S.Government .has a presence in space.>

Something is wrong here, because several times, the self-appointed Councilor of Earth told us that Dr.Michal Salla was a conspicuous member of the Cabal.
Below we find that Boylan';s friend SM Robert O. Dean, is ALSO friend of Salla, the cabalist..!
So, the "source" is an insider of the Cabal..?
If you do some "googling" you will also find that the Sargent Major is also friend of Dr. Greer. Also a prominent cabalist for the Councilor of Earth.  

"Command Sergeant Major Robert Dean, NATO's Secret UFO Assessment & Setting the Record Straight"
(pp. 213-232)
Interviewed by Michael E. Salla, Ph.D.