Monday, April 26, 2010

Fwd: Sorry about Stephen Hawkins

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Date: Mon, Apr 26, 2010 at 5:14 PM
Subject: Sorry about Stephen Hawkins

I'm sorry about Stephen Hawkins. Someone in P4C wrote that he was a "karmic illiterate".
Indeed, instead of reading Boylan, Webre, Basiago and Salla, he is wasting time with sciences like mathematics, astrophysics and who knows what more.
Dr Salla should invite him to his courses of Galactic Diplomacy, and  Brako, the croatian healer, could also cure him.
Alfred Webre is clear enough about the more than one hundred extraterrestrial races visiting us, and  Stephen must remember that we, humans, are under cosmic quarantine. Stephen Hawkins must learn the Laws of the Universe that Webre, the lawyer, knows so well.
Perhaps he belongs to the Cabal?. That's what Boylan, the self-appointed Councilor of Earth, AKA "doctor hot tube" thinks.
We were also thinking that it would be great for Stephen Hawkins to have a Solar Initiation in Bolivia and after that, pay a visit to the subterranean cities under the Titicaca lake. He should call Mostego, the Contactee, and perhaps also the White Brotherhood that recently moved from Tibet to Bolivia.
Do us a favor, Stephen: forget about mathematics and contact all those reliable Sargent and Corporals who know so much about Aliens, life in Mars and in Venus, and secret NASA proyects.
Forget about Science and trust in those anonymous sources that help us to understand what "reality" is about.

The Watchers