Monday, September 5, 2011


Consider this.
1) The “Councilor of Earth” presumably with the help of the Star Nations and Fran, the “incarnated mantis”, tells us date time and place of future monstrous earthquakes and tsunamis.
2) Of course, the self proclaimed councilor of Earth is ALWAYS WRONG.
3) But… he cannot be wrong because he is the Supreme Councilor of Earth, so is the Cabal that STOPS the earthquakes to contradict Richard Boylans’s impossible predictions.
4) Consequently, the cabal is all-powerful, and the self proclaimed councilor is just a poor ranting fellow.
5) Of course, Boylan’s group UFOfacts is dead. Only Richard Boylan, also known as Dr. Hot Tube, posts his failed “predictions” again and again, with the pathetic intention of regaining the credibility he lost forever.
6) Liars and abusers believe that they can “get out with IT”, but they can’t. That is what we call KARMA.
The Cabal's sneaky strategy of using their secret earthquake "engineering " equipment to delay Quake #1 from its predicted date of yesterday into today, Monday (as I now read it) will be a set-back to people now accepting any validity to what I say/pass on from Star Nations.
My current reading is: that the Cabal are pushing Earthquake #1 so late into today that it occurs _after_ Quake # 2. Thus making Quake #2 the new #1 Quake. Thus making me (and Star Nations) doubly "wrong".
My close associate Fran notes that by temporarily delaying the occurrence of the original Quake at Taylorsville, NC, the Cabal only make it stronger when it finally does occur. Thus, instead of being of 8.1 magnitude, it looks like it will be an 8.2 or even 8.3 in size (twice or three times as strong). Nice going, Cabal. They really know how to mess things up.
The Cabal are chortling among themselves with glee as they "make fools of the Councillor of Earth and of Star Nations".
They assure themselves that they have "just proven once again that they are "the Masters of Earth and the Masters of Space". (Sic.)
Cheap " victories " for the deeply dishonest.
As for where the truth lies, time will tell. By Saturday midnight things will be much clearer.
in the light,
Richard Boylan, Ph.D., Councillor