Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Psychopathology of the "Councilor of Earth..!"

Our comment in bold/italic
Paranoid Personality Disorder It is characterized by at least 3 of the following:
  1. excessive sensitivity to setbacks and rebuffs;
  2. tendency to bear grudges persistently, i.e. refusal to forgive insults and injuries or slights;
  3. suspiciousness and a pervasive tendency to distort experience by misconstruing the neutral or friendly actions of others as hostile or contemptuous;
  4. a combative and tenacious sense of personal rights out of keeping with the actual situation;
  5. recurrent suspicions, without justification, regarding sexual fidelity of spouse or sexual partner;
  6. tendency to experience excessive self-importance, manifest in a persistent self-referential attitude;
  7. preoccupation with unsubstantiated "conspiratorial" explanations of events both immediate to the patient and in the world at large.
1-Cabal destroying "MY CREDIBILITY". Any doubt or question turns you into the worst enemy.
2-He is full of hate . He is the only enlightened while all the others are agents, cabalists, psy-ops, disinformers. 
3- Distort experience: He is right, but the Cabal, with fantastic, imaginary weapons, tries to make him look as a charlatan.
4- He never does anything wrong. The whole world conspires against him. Cabal is everywhere, just to fight him. His confidence in members of the UFOfacts group is fragile. In any moment, a misinterpretation will turn the "star-seed" individual into a dark cabalist, just because he feels that way. No need of evidences.
6-He is the Councilor of Earth.(Self-importance). Always he is self-referential, talking about HIS enemies, HIS energy readings, HIS contacts. Evidences not needed. You must have "faith" in what he says, even if he is wrong.
7- The Cabal. The Cover-Up, the Shadow Government. Infiltrates in his groups. The Conspiracy is everywhere. Near him, in his groups, and of course in the rest of the World. 
  • expansive paranoid, fanatic, querulant and sensitive paranoid personality (disorder)