Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Open Letter to Richard Boylan.

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From: Christie Carter <>
Date: Wed, Sep 28, 2011 at 6:17 PM

He is alone now. Richard Boylan, the self proclaimed Councilor of Earth is the loneliest man on Earth. EVERYBODY is cabal, but him.
No more ‘romantic” Altimarians, no more Star Nations, no more Earthquakes predictions…he is ALWAYS WRONG but no…is not him. The Cabal is everywhere. Big Brother is Watching You, Hot Tube doc.
No friends, no believers, no patients, no licenses…It’s the Cabal of course. You live in a nightmare populated by Cabalist, she-males, impossible machines.
You are the only one who posts in UFOfacts, and you read yourself in a pathetical monologue.
Of course, if someone has the courage to post and risk your condemnation, it must be a YES-MAN message.
A single typo, a wrong word, a misunderstanding, a question will bring the Inquisitor in you.
NOBODY can ask questions. Nobody can write something that you dislike.
For you, people with different ideas or even wrong ideas do not exist.
In your pathetic world, everyone is your enemy.
You can say and do what you want. If you are right, if you “get away with it”, it’s fine.
If you are wrong, if your abused patients react because they were insulted and forced into repulsive situations of unwanted promiscuity, don’t worry, it was the Cabal who invented the whole thing.
But there is a problem. Karma is a problem; Karma means that NOBODY can get away with it.
“Those who sow the wind will reap the whirlwind”. (Hosea: 8, 7.)
This is truly the UNIVERSAL LAW, and rules for all of us, without exception, Mr.Richard Boylan.
Christie Carter