Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Petitions to the Aliens.

Petitions to the Aliens
Dear people, let me share with you some thoughts.
People who enjoy the blessings of Faith pray to their gods for miracles. Exopoliticians are "scientists" and because of this "serious " attitude, the will present a Petition to the Aliens to do something about the Oil Spill.
Now, this suggests that the Aliens are there, in some place, ready to say yes or no to this Petition. This is a problem because Aliens are only a reference. We have people, "meat for clicking" who TALK about the Aliens, who refer to the Aliens but, until now the Extraterrestrials are NOT here or there, they are absent, presumably wasting their time contacting a few mediocrities, never scientists.
However, some Exopoliticians not only talk about the aliens, but represent them. Alfred Webre not only "knows" that we are under quarantine, but is an expert in the Laws that rule this Galaxy full of Aliens. So, Webre represents the aliens, and perhaps he or Bassiago can teleport Salla's Petition to the Aliens.
But there is more. Dr. Boylan, AKA Dr. Sauna. was appointed Councilor of/for Earth by the Star Nations..! He also represents the will of the Aliens as some kind of Ambassador. However, he points Dr. Salla and Dr. Greer AKA Muscle Man, as members of the Evil Cabal. (More problems)
To make it short, who will give the Petition to whom?
Because one thing is TRUE: The Aliens are never present. Hundreds of Extraterrestrial Civilizations traveled thousands of years light just to play hide and seek here, on Earth.
What we should think about all this?
Just repeat the Meme:

Exopolitician it's O.K.
How many clicks you got today?