Monday, June 28, 2010

Dr. Salla Wishful Thinking...or "snake oil"

Here we have Dr. Salla.s new contribution to the EXAMINER. My observations observations between line in bold and italics

The BP Gulf Oil leak continues to arouse global concern as its toxic effects
threaten not only the Gulf of Mexico, but also the Atlantic Ocean itself. Worst
case scenarios project the entire planet’s oceans being contaminated for years
if not decades to come if the spill continues unabated. Humanity stands on the
brink of environmental catastrophe if radical solutions don’t quickly emerge.

Agree, and that's why we, humans must not watch the skyes but our Earth, understanding that "snake oil " will not solve our problems.

Albert Einstein once said “we cannot solve our problems with the same thinking
we used when we created them.”
This is the classic logical fallacy called Ad Autoritatem , consisting in appeal to authorities to push ideas and fantasies that have nothing to do with Tesla or Einstein. In other words selling their "snake oil" or dolphin wisdom in the name of Einstein...bravo Dr. Salla.

The idea of using fossil fuels for our
civilization’s ever increasing energy needs is the kind of thinking that made
it possible for the risky deep water drilling practices that have created the
oil spill crisis. We need some radical new thinking about how to generate
energy for our burgeoning global civilization.
We need "some" new radical thinking: "Some" Dr. Salla? What means "some"?
Thinking that takes us into the
realm of new energy technologies developed by pioneers such as Nikola Tesla,
and what is used by extraterrestrial civilizations visiting our world.
Again the Ad Authoritatem fallacy. Perhaps Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein deserve a little respect?
As wemake the transition from a Type 0 civilization based on fossil fuels, into a
Type 1 global civilization using new energy technologies, we need to consult
with and learn from extraterrestrials civilizations that have traveled the road
before us.
Of course this have the same value that praying to the Angels or the Saints. EVIDENCES Dr. Salla?
We simply need to open ourselves to radical new ways of thinking
about how advanced technologies and extraterrestrial life can assist our
planetary transition through crises such as the Gulf Oil spill. The articles in
this edition of the Exopolitics Journal provide a new way of thinking about
planetary issues from the perspective of alien life observing our world,
wishing to assist us, and the challenges of extraterrestrial disclosure.
Again Dr. Salla, do you have any minimal evidence of alien life observing our world and wishing to assist us? If you have some evidence please, share it with us. "anonymous sources" or discredited whistleblowers or New Age nonsense. I mean EVIDENCES.
If you do not have something to show, remember the Middle East Proverb: Men are SLAVES of what they say, and MASTERS of their Silence.