Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A good Comment to Dr.Salla's ravings

The title of Salla's Examiner article is:
Should extraterrestrials stop the Gulf Leak? - 10,000 sign petition for ETs to show up

Rabbid says:
The mere absurdity of the caption of this article managed to catapult my humble self vertically out of my socks - with about 12g (1g=9.81m/s²). One could demand as well to disclose the existence of unicorns, Bigfoot, Nessie, and Yeti (all together). The article itself is not only a wingnuttery, but insults the scientific community. Imagine the situation: 10'000s of scientists do a hard and diligent job on a daily basis to find one single piece of scientific proof for extraterrestrial life, while Mr. Salla abuses his academic credentials to fool the gullible superstitious masses by shoehorning and turning fiction and wishful thinking into facts. At the same time, exo-ufoists wonder, why all governments on this planet have a belly full of UFO-enthusiasts and shut down everything (even public manned space travel) that might fuel exo-ufoistic mainstream cultism. Yes, we have the (earthly) technology to seal the oil well. However, this isn't an option for BP due to economical constraints.

...and here a nice meme

Dr. Salla it's O.K.
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