Friday, June 18, 2010

Critical Ufology: Where are the Aliens?

Dear friends

Critical Ufology is active Rational Ufology. We post our perspectives. Share them with others. Usually mystic ufologist, contactees, exopoliticians and charlatans call us debunkers, psy-ops, cabalists, agents of darkness, disinformers, etc.
Why? Just because they have no arguments. They cannot give us evidences or rational answers to our questions. Consequently, they use the ad hominem fallacy, and instead of ideas we get insults. This is useful and logic: this lack of serious knowledge is self-evident.
The Aliens exist. They are text, words, references to something that is never there.
Ex-Doctor Richard Boylan gives this advice to "contact" the "Star Visitors":

<How To Do Outreach To the Star Visitors
A recommended way to reach out to the Star Visitors is to first inform yourself about them, using disinformation- free sources. For example, http://www.drboylan .comwww.drboylan. com/etraces. html
Then go to a secluded quiet place, engage in serene, open meditation, then, after a bit of meditation, proceed to respectful humble telepathic outreach, sending a message of invitation to contact, expressing loving intentions and respect. Send as much from your heart as from your mind.
There are, of course, no guarantees. But this process increases your chances.
Also, be flexible. Their response might not be to fly overhead or to show up visibly on the ground.
e attuned to the possibility of invisible presence (sensed psychically) , or to a very gentle whole-thought or visual mental impressions from them in your mind.
A Star Visitor won’t necessarily show up on the spot. They may come later, that night, for example, or at some other time. Hold yourself ready to accept them.>

We understand the method he proposes but, as Critical Ufologists we have the perfect right to ask him why should the contact be so..."spiritual"? What is the difference between Imagination and Reality? There is no difference. The Aliens are here just to play games. They are as reliable as fairies, gnomes or ghosts.
Of course, some people will tell us that they have "contact", but this presumed contact is nor reliable.
The Aliens never teach us something different. They never teach us their language. No help, no Medicine, no Mathematics. Just the blend of New Age, Televangelism and Self-Help we know well.
The aliens are Incorporeal, invisible, impractical ignorants. In fact, they are never there.
They are advanced post-luminic civilizations "visiting" who came here just to perturb the dreams of a few teenagers. Something is wrong here, something is very wrong.
The Cosmic Gurus and Councilors of Earth and Exopoliticians tell us that soon...soon there will be a Disclosure, but of course this never happens. After all these people makes a living with this. They sell books and curses of "Galactic Diplomacy". They write and get clicks$.
Perhaps they are doing this until they find a real job, who knows? the way, I did make a discovery. The UFO sites and blogs have few messages or no messages at all in the weekends. Why? Because people have something better to do: they go to the movies, or go dancing or meet with friends. Wait until Monday and the true believers will again worry about these aliens that have all of them one thing in common: they are never there.