Saturday, October 20, 2012

Mars Fairytale Circus.

"Stephen Bassett Attacks Webre/Basiago's Time Travel Obama Mars Fairytale Circus
Monday, October 15, 2012 12:35

"This drama is just to amusing not to share. I Jeffery Pritchett the host of The Church Of Mabus radio show also questioned Webre and Basiago and Stilling's Mars Time Travel Story. Then was ruthlessly attacked by all of them and called a dark cabal CIA spook. Even though I don't always agree with Bassett and honestly think all of Exopolitics is mostly a joke. I have to say bravo to Stephen for having the balls to question Alfred Webre and Andrew Basiago's malarky story that was created for attention and money. Here is Alfred's rant about it all and I just wanted to bring it forth for everyone to read for the amusement of it. Once again Bravo Stephen Bassett! Of course now like me you will be labeled as a government spook just for questioning this fairy tale. But trust me its worth it to stand up to this kinda of nonsense and psychosis in the field of Ufology and those that surround it. Thank you. Jeffery Pritchett Host of The Church Of Mabus Radio Show."