Monday, October 1, 2012

Andy Basiago denies the Logical Principle of the Middle Excluded.

Enjoy this excellent Video.
By the way, if you travel physically back in time, this creates more big problems.
If Basiago jumps physically back in time , let’s say to 1920, we deny the second logical premise, called the principle of the Middle Excluded which states that between being and not being there is no middle state.
Since presumably Basiago is physically in 1920, he is unborn and born and this is impossible. Now see what follows:
“Wash. attorney: 'I have physically traveled in time' | Offbeat | Eugene ...
"I have physically traveled in time," says Andrew Basiago, an attorney in
Vancouver, Wash. "We have - we did over 40 years ago." Now Basiago is on a
mission ...”