Friday, October 19, 2012

Assumed Benevolence of Aliens?

"My take on the assumed ‘benevolence’ of off world beings. Is it really their “Prime Directive” not to interfere with humans?

Alex Collier is a common person originally with an absurd and trigger sensitive temperment who assumed the sole role in North America to impart an important message. It was delivered over decades of contact by one of two sectors of Andromedans.  The message is not unlike others from other seemingly non-hostile aliens.  The message is that we are to wake up and transcend or ascend to a higher level of consciousness which is often times referred to as higher levels of density or dimensions.  Who gets this message?  UFO enthusiasts mostly, but not 300 million people that need to know to take an action.  Set up?  Andromedans have contacted but just a few people to carry this message of hope for our collective survivalThis message is passive and doesn’t cause the change necessary for survival.  The Andromedans predicted 9/11, so they could predict Alex a message carrier failure.  Couldn’t they pick up on his frustration at the start?  Sure they could.  I’m a fighter, so why don’t they shift gears, come to me, and put me out there to make this work?  See?  I know the logic proves that the Andromedans are utterly false and useless, or that they sincerely fucked up out of shear moronic logic.. too smart?  Hardly.  What all aliens are doing are doing is conducting a mass deception among the ufoologists and spiritual enlightened wannabe ascension transcenders who practice channeling and all that business.  While the adult is looking for a way out for themselves and nobody else and even leaving their children out, those children who do not practice these meditations or are aware of the ‘trends and myths’ exist, are being abducted by sick people for slave and sex trading, ugly sacrificial rituals, and on and on.  These children have no clue as to why they have zero protection by their parents, their government, or anyone.  They are removed from society and undergo government retraining programs, are lonely and afraid, and been known to be tortured to death in mass while that benevolent alien you think is going to save humanity sits up there munching on cosmic popcorn and Milky Way drinks enjoying the show.  There is no feeling, no remorse, no care.  Wake up.Simply and directly said, there are no nice aliens out there with our ‘children innocent in all this’ best interest at hand.  Prove to me there are and I’ll retract my statement.  They sit out there waiting to harvest souls, rape the earth of her natural wealth and our sustenence, and for a piece of the pie whatever it may be.  Sounds harsh?  Let me prove it using Alex Collier, a message carrier for a civilization from  Andromeda.
For if there was a care for our future generations to succeed during this time of trial, why not come down, collect those children place a note of assurrance with the parents so that the children are being protected and loaded on vast ships, for the past decades as Collier describes, as a defense to mankind’s extinction?  See?  It’s so simple.  You think there’s some written contract based on this prime directive, well, Star Trek taught there is one, but that’s a complete fallacy.  The whole of the show was intervention with aliens and Kirk made it a point to conduct the business of helping aliens attacked by their own kind.  It’s what they should be doing for us in the now.
Look, these off world entities are thousands if not millions of years ahead in thought, technology and have the ability to help the innocent survive their parents, us, who are hiding out hoarding weapons, food and water for the big showdown.  The Andromedans from what I remember Alex Collier saying is that they reached out to four people on four different continents.  Well, that’s fricken nothing.  They spent decades training Collier to understand it in a way that he was important and that the message was important and during that time, children next door to his were being mistreated, raped, or even fed to, if David Icke is correct, reptilians as food.

That non action alien prime directive is unacceptable to me – Period

What if there is a hidden system by which your soul will be snatched when you spent your life depending on the aliens who you channeled?"
from that link. good points.