Tuesday, August 7, 2012

UFO profiteering against Rational Ufology

Do we want a truly rational Ufology? If your answer is YES, learn about the tricks of UFO profiteers.

First of all think in your public as composed by illiterates that never, never, will question the origin and authenticity of your knowledge. If some does, well you know, she or he is a cabalist, a she-male, a pervert and a psyop.

When you talk or write, do NOT give them any clarification about the meaning of your words. Use complex words that your spiritual warriors should know well.

Sample: if you are talking about the contacts between different intelligent galactic and extragalactic civilizations, make your audience feel that what you say is just elemental and well known, even by kids.

In any case, and smiling generously, you can tell them that you are in permanent contact with the Andromeda Council or even the Ascendant Masters. (See Google for some good names for these Masters.)

Now, let me tell you something even more important: you MUST create an imaginary anatomy.

There are enough superstitions out there to feed your fantastic world.

Sample: Humans have eight or nine bodies, right? The common every-day body and the three astral ones, and also the three other bodies of Light that, as everyone knows, are purple, green and brilliant white. Then you have the Soul that is shared with the Source, and the multidimensional body that will go with you in your astral travels, at night.

Tell your followers that they should prepare themselves for the 5th World that is coming, and that very soon, the Cosmic Brothers will make possible for us. Make your people understand that all the spiritual guides of Humanity are not Humans but Extraterrestrials, OK? This is important.

Oh, by the way, use the world Multiverse instead of Universe.

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